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Microgen Stirling Engine Heat and Power


BioGen Woodlog Power and Heat solutions

Microgen is the company that has brought Stirling Technology from a R&D environment to practical applications and use in real life situations. Since 2011 thousands of Microgen Stirling Power Units have been used in gasfired Combined Heat and Power heating appliances in urban domestic environments.

Based on this accomplishment Microgen worked with several other specialist on the realization of the ultimate solution for power and heat: electrical and thermal energy from the oldest form of power mankind knows: burning woodlogs!
Numerous are the places in the world where people get heat from burning such fuel. Now you simultaneously can get power.
Irrespective if you are located in New England, Canada, Scandinavia, the Alps, Siberia, on or off grid the BioGen Woodlog Power and Heat unit is the solution for providing local, renewable Power and Heat to your Cabin, House, Farm or Dacha.

External Combustion; one of the key characteristics of a Stirling Power Unit makes simple woodlogs the source for your remote power and heat problem. And makes the transport of complicated and expensive diesel unnecessary.

The base solution provides between 700 - 900 Watts electric with a maximum of 1050 Watts from the Microgen Biomass Free Piston Stirling Unit. Parallel 15-20 kW of thermal energy of the integrated heat unit is available. Other power ranges are available on demand.

Technical data


On - Off grid Electrical Output (a) (b)

Electrical power unit Own power use appliance Stirling type

various options available between 700-900 Watts, max 1.050 Watts, 50-60 Hz, 230 Volt AC Microgen Biomass Stirling Power Unit max 100 Watts Free Piston Beta type


Thermal Output Water Heater capacity Water temperature

max 22 kW 70 liters max 90 degrees Celsius


Dimensions total appliance

Height: 180 cm, Width: 60 cm, Depth: 85 cm

Weight Firebox

Weight Appliance

Opening Filling Time (max filling)

including Stirling unit aprox. 450 Kg

Width: 35 cm, Heigth: 20 cm 110 liters between 3 and 4 hours depending on type of wood


Cleaning interval Stirling Power Unit

once a week maintenance free


Emissions class (EN 303-5) Noise level Fuel

Overall efficiency

4 max 48 +- 2 (A), one meter distance woodlogs, diameter max 15 -25 cm, max length 50 cm 85%

(a) depending on combustion chamber filling, water temperature and water flow
(b) different alternative output modes, on and off grid options available

Official certified reseller
of Microgen Engine Corporation
Holding BV in Latvia


The machine is also available equipped with pellet burner.










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